The Agenda: Lawmaker says he's made his point on journo registry; Teck's State of the City; Dem rep. switching for Bernie

Bamberg says he didn't initially give Sanders a "fair shake"



State Rep. Justin Bamberg announced on Monday that he's switching his endorsement in the Democratic presidential primary from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders. Bamberg is an attorney by trade and represents the family of Walter Scott. Source: P&C

Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg will deliver his first State of the City address today at City Hall. Source: Live 5

This week's winter storm has so far claimed the lives of four in S.C. Source: S.C. Radio

A new study ranks South Carolina 45th in terms of economic opportunity and security. Source: The State

News flash: The Republican state representative who was excoriated last week by the media for his plan to register the state's journalists says the reaction was exactly what he expected and that he made his point. S.C. Rep. Mike Pitts will hold a press conference today to discuss those points. Source: AP


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