The Agenda: Roads debate stalls; Morris Sokol sells; Senator proposes dashcam video measure

Harpo backing Sanders



After weathering a few years of uncertainty, new Charleston Law owner Ed Bell, an attorney from Georgetown, is working on restoring confidence in the state's second law school. Source: P&C

After pumping up a 'Draft Biden' bid for president in S.C., former state Dem leader Dick Harpootlian announced yesterday that he would support U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders in this month's party primary. Harpo says he never expected to endorse Clinton. Source: The State, CNN

A Republican proposal in the state Senate would require a judge's permission to withhold dashcam video, a tactic the AP contends S.C. agencies use to "avoid taking disciplinary actions" in high profile cases involving police. Source: AP

State senators have continued stalling a road improvement funding bill, said to be a top priority at the capitol this legislative session. Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler told the chamber yesterday that, "I have absolutely lost my patience with this infrastructure debate we are not having." Senate budget-makers aren't scheduled to take next steps on their part of the bill until next week, meaning that further progress is at least two weeks away. Source: P&C, Greenville News

CARTA has added additional late-night weekend runs on its Rivers Avenue route to better accommodate downtown hospitality workers' hours. Source: P&C

$22.5 million: The selling price for the landmark Morris Sokol Furniture store on upper King Street. It remains unclear what will take its place on the trendy retail corridor. Source: P&C

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