The Agenda: Candidates descend on SC; Boeing cuts could be coming; $40M set aside for farmers

Will Clinton's S.C. "firewall" stand?


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South Carolina lawmakers have set aside $40 million to aid S.C. farmers affected by October's floods, up to $100,000 per farmer. Source: The State

They're heeeeeere! South Carolina is one of the next battleground states for presidential candidates, with both parties' primaries appraoching.

The specter of Lee Atwater looms over South Carolina Republican politics, Politico says, so expect a "viper's nest" of dirty tricks on the right, SCGOP insiders say. Source: Politico

Donald Trump reportedly drew 4,000 in Clemson on Wednesday. Source: P&C

The State: "As race turns to SC, Graham settles into role of Bush campaign sidekick"

One thing to watch for in S.C. is how Democratic candidates move into a state with a more diverse electorate than in New Hampshire and Iowa. Clinton is widely said to have broad support from African American voters, but Sanders may endanger Hillary's S.C. "firewall" with his liberal social and economic policy proposals. Source: NPR

New York Times: "Bernie Sanders intrigues a South Carolina town that loves Hillary Clinton"

The state Senate is debating a measure that would block private companies from using eminent domain unless it's defined as a public utility. The bill targets a Kinder Morgan gas pipeline that's being proposed to run through areas of South Carolina. Source: Jasper Sun Times

It was reported yesterday that Boeing plans to trim the workforce in its commercial airplane division, which includes the company's North Charleston campus. Source: P&C

Andy Paras and an ABC News 4 crew spent a few days this weekend living in downtown Charleston's 'tent city' homeless encampment under the Highway 17 overpass as city crews began clearing out the camps. Source: ABC News 4


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