The Agenda: Chs. to consider hotel freeze; Tim Scott gets a challenger; Pressure building on Senate for roads bill

Clinton and Sanders make their final case


Crews work on a new hotel being built on Upper King Street next to Marion Square Park - SAM SPENCE FILE PHOTO
  • Sam Spence file photo
  • Crews work on a new hotel being built on Upper King Street next to Marion Square Park

A campaign pledge from Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg to put a freeze on new hotel projects will be considered by Charleston City Council today. Source: P&C

Business officials are getting impatient with Senate inaction on road funding reform. Republican state Sen. Tom Davis of Beaufort began filibustering the current proposal since last week. Source: G'ville News

Breaking: Low gas prices will eventually go up. Source: P&C

Related: "Seas are now rising faster than they have in 2,800 years, scientists say" Source: WaPo

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders make their final cases to South Carolina Democrats this week ahead of Saturday's primary. Clinton will be in S.C. through election day, but Sanders is also expected to campaign in other states which head to the polls after Saturday. Source: P&C

President Obama announced plans today to move Gitmo detainees to the U.S. mainland, but the Pentagon plan released today did not identify a specific location. Hanahan's Naval brig is said to be one of the possible relocation sites. Source: NYT, P&C

Pastor Thomas Dixon announced that he'll challenge U.S. Sen. Tim Scott's bid for re-election. Source: AP

The artist known as R Robots will paint a mural in honor of Emanuel AME shooting victim Cynthia Hurd on the side of the John L. Dart Library on upper King Street. Work begins today and continues through Friday. Source: P&C


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