The Agenda: Black Lives Matter crashes Hillary fundraiser; Woman reportedly dies from lack of water in Charleston jail

Clinton caught off guard by BLM activist during high-dollar event



Black Lives Matter activists confronted Hillary Clinton during a high-dollar Mount Pleasant fundraiser yesterday, asking the former Secretary of State about controversial tough-on-crime quotes she made as first lady. Source: HuffPo

A Columbia anti-DUI group is pushing for the resignation of the longtime Lexington-area solicitor who was arrested this week for drunk driving. Source: The State

An Edisto Island woman was found dead in the Charleston County jail in June of last year after she was arrested on a bench warrant as she was being treated for a stomach illness. An expert witness hired by the woman's family concluded that she died because "because she was deprived of water" and could not overcome complicating factors due to her illness. Source: P&C

Congressman James Clyburn has cut a new TV ad for Hillary Clinton ahead of Saturday's Democratic primary. "My heart has always been with Hillary Clinton," he says in the spot. Source: P&C

Clinton's opponent Bernie Sanders is said to be gearing up for Super Tuesday states next week as his campaign reportedly braces for a loss in Saturday's contest. Source: Politico

Charleston City Council voted this week to put off a proposed moratorium on new hotels downtown and study the issue for 90 days. Source: CRBJ

P&C editorial: "Hit ‘pause’ on new hotels"

South Carolina native Dr. Robert Califf was confirmed as the head of the FDA yesterday after some stonewalling from Democrats over agency oversight concerns. Source: The State

Charleston state Rep. Chip Limehouse continues to work to move the state's Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum to Charleston, inserting a proposal to study available museum space in the area. Limehouse says it's about cost-saving, saying there's "mucho, mucho, mucho duplication of effort." Source: AP

Former Charleston Mayor Joe Riley has taken his post as a guest lecturer at the Citadel. Source: CRBJ

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