The Agenda: Citadel looks at uniform exception for Muslim; SLED chief says data shows need for police training

Merrill dismisses SLED report on public corruption


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SLED Chief Mark Keel says that analysis by the P&C showing that 1 in 4 police shootings involve officers firing at vehicles means that more training is needed for police in regards to when and how they use their guns around moving cars. Source: P&C

Standing by his decision not to attend Charleston Area Justice Ministry's Nehemiah Action next week, North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey said that instead of telling him how to do his job, "these folks that are so concerned in their churches" should push for change in their communities through their churches. The city public information officer previously said Summey and Police Chief Eddie Driggers declined the invitation after a previous meeting soured, but at least one other person at that meeting disputes that account. Source: P&C

A measure that would give the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers discretion to begin other projects could help the Charleston Harbor deepening project get started without congressional approval. Source: P&C

The Citadel is considering a uniform exception that would allow a prospective Muslim student to wear a head covering. Source: Washington Post

Ethics reform proposals in the Senate were dealt a setback yesterday when senators couldn't muster enough support to fast-track two bills. Source: P&C

Charleston State Rep. Jim Merrill dismissed the implications of a SLED report on public corruption that names him and Columbia state Rep. Rick Quinn as allegedly directed political mail work to their personal businesses when they served as House majority leaders. Source: The State


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