The Agenda: Monkey escape; N. Chs. rail yard; Zika confirmed in S.C.

New intermodal rail yard would be built along N. Charleston waterfront


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DHEC confirmed the first case of the Zika virus in S.C., after a traveler returned from visiting a country where the virus is present. Source: G'ville News

G'ville News: Is SC more progressive now that the bathroom bill has been defeated?

Congressman Jim Clyburn, the lone Democrat in South Carolina's D.C. delegation, worked with a Republican member on the appropriations committee to get funding for his long-sought anti-poverty legislation. Source: P&C

$11.5 million: The total value of a new contract inked by Blackbaud CEO Michael Gianoni, making him the highest-paid leader of a public company in S.C. Source: P&C

The P&C has a look at early renderings for how a new club level at the Joe, which will be built above the first base line bleachers overlooking the marsh and the ball field. Source: P&C

Turns out that a Citadel chaplain actually did remove the Confederate flag from the Summerall chapel for a few weeks in 2013, but after pressure from alumni, it was returned to hang in the campus house of worship. Source: P&C

New on the chopping block for Charleston County schools: Vice principals.

Some 19 monkeys escaped from a research facility in Yemassee over the weekend, but all were reportedly returned to the premises. (Though it's unclear from the report yesterday if they're actually all back in their cages.) Yemassee Police Chief Gregory Alexander: "It’s not the first time it’s happened ... They come back because they knew where the food’s at." Source: ABC News 4, The State

The Army Corps of Engineers released an initial Environmental Impact Study for a massive new rail yard the state is working to build near the old Navy Yard in North Charleston. The report looks at the impact the intermodal yard will have in terms of local soil, water, and sound pollution as well as effects on nearby historic structures.



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