The Agenda: SC employers use a lot of temps; Berkeley 'bathroom bill' to be considered; Flats at Mixson deferred

Graham backpedals on Trump support reports


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The state Senate will consider a bill today to allow Georgia and North Carolina concealed weapon permit holders to legally carry in South Carolina, a measure to loosen gun laws that state Sen. Lee Bright hopes will set the state on course to allow people to carry guns without a permit. Source: Florence Morning News, P&C

After reports surfaced over the weekend that U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham urged Republican donors to support Donald Trump, he said yesterday that he "never told anybody to give money to Donald J. Trump." Source: CNN, P&C

Berkeley County state senators will also weigh in on a bill that would only affect local students to overrule the school district's decision to allow transgender students to use the restrooms according their gender identity. Source: Live 5

The State's Cindi Scoppe provides some background on 'local bills,' which she calls "throwbacks," legislative relics from the 19th century: "Local bills don’t go to committee, so they don’t get the vetting that other bills do; only senators who represent the affected county vote on them."

South Carolina employers use the highest percentage of temp workers in the nation at just over 4 percent of the total workforce. They're paid about 67 percent of what permanent employees earn. Source: Wall Street Journal

North Charleston housing officials put off a decision to gather more info on what to do next with the Flats at Mixson development in Park Circle. Contractors say the buildings are safe and able to be repaired, owners want to tear them down and start over. Source: P&C



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