One year after Emanuel, Post and Courier pays it forward to the Orlando Sentinel

"Our newsroom knows all too well the toll..."


Following the lead of newsrooms before them, this week the Post and Courier team drew on their collective experience covering the Emanuel shooting and its aftermath almost a year ago and reached out to their counterparts at the Orlando Sentinel with a special delivery.

In the days following a major news story, it's common for members of the media to send small gestures of encouragement like pizza, snacks, etc. to their colleagues in that city as they continue working to deliver breaking news even in dire circumstances.

Expressing gratitude for the outreach they received after the Emanuel AME shooting last year, the Post and Courier news team said they wished to "pay that forward" as Sentinel staff processes the Pulse nightclub rampage in Orlando.

"Our newsroom knows all too well the toll an ordeal like this can take," reads a note sent from the P&C newsroom posted on Twitter by Sentinel sports and entertainment editor Roger Simmons.

The Post and Courier's support wasn't the only gesture the Sentinel received this week and it won't be the last, according to Poynter. Sadly, it's just as certain the Sentinel will likely find themselves paying it forward as well before too long.

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