Online campaign raises money to buy Quintin Washington new equipment

Y’all are the best


Quintin Washington, host of 'Quintin's Close-Ups' - DUSTIN WATERS
  • Dustin Waters
  • Quintin Washington, host of 'Quintin's Close-Ups'
Well Charleston, just when I think I can’t feel good feelings anymore, you come together and make me proud.

After this week’s cover story on Quintin Washington, I witnessed an incredible show of appreciation from all those familiar with the local video journalist’s work. But no community was more vocal than the proud few who bring you the news each and every day. From the lowliest reporter (that being me) to seasoned veterans and Pulitzer Prize winning journalists, everyone responded to Washington’s story and took the time to thank him for his service to the city. But it went beyond just words.

A GoFundMe account was set up to make sure that the hardest-working man in local news has the equipment that he deserves. The campaign’s primary goal — to buy Washington a new camera — was quickly surpassed, and now any additional funds will go toward purchasing a computer so that he doesn’t have to rely on local libraries to edit and post videos. After one day, the grand total now stands at $1,800. The list of contributors extends beyond just Washington’s fellow journalists, including some of the biggest names in the Lowcountry. And I can honestly say, I’m touched.

As someone who spends a lot of time running from press conferences to council meetings to whatever news-making nonsense happens to pop up on any given day, I get to see every reporter, photographer, and camera operator on the job almost every day. Standing next to all the well-groomed, camera-ready TV reporters, I usually look like I’ve combed my hair with a fish bone and grabbed my clothes from a lost and found. But since I started working as a reporter, I can say it’s been an incredible pleasure to work alongside these people. And I’m glad to see everyone show such a remarkable amount of support for one of our own.

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