The Agenda: DeMint-run Heritage as Trump's "shadow transition team?"; Modern building approved for Upper King; New DOR chief

Slager, Roof proceedings continue


DeMint speaks at the 'Continuing Revolution' tea party rally in D.C. in 2011 - FLICKR USER N3TEL
  • Flickr user n3tel
  • DeMint speaks at the 'Continuing Revolution' tea party rally in D.C. in 2011

The closed competency hearing for Dylann Roof continues today. Source: The State

Witnesses continued testifying about the origins of burn marks on Michael Slager's police uniform apparently sustained during his traffic stop of Walter Scott last spring. Source: P&C

Gov. Nikki Haley announced the resignation of state Department of Revenue Director Rick Reames and the appointment of Hartley Powell who joins state government from KPMG after also serving in the Department of Commerce during the 1990s. Source: AP

Politico is calling the Jim DeMint-run Heritage foundation the "shadow transition team" of Donald Trump's incoming administration. DeMint resigned as U.S. Senator from South Carolina in 2013 to head up the conservative Heritage Foundation. Source: Politico

Just in time for the holidays, Kevin McAllister is taking over Boeing's commercial airplane operation, which includes Boeing South Carolina's North Charleston 787 plant. Source: P&C

Post and Courier headline: "BAR approves artsy building on upper King Street in Charleston"


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