The Agenda: After record temps, cold coming; Roof execution would take years; U.S. House GOP votes to weaken oversight

Unknown how entire S.C. delegation voted


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Even if Dylann Roof is given a death sentence by his federal or state jury, his execution would likely not occur for years. Source: The State

CofC professor and historian Jack Bass floats a vote by mail system for S.C. Source: The State

Storms across the South killed five last night. Source: The State

Freezing temps could drift into the Upstate and even the Lowcountry this weekend, bringing the possibility of... "snowflakes." Source: Spartanburg Herald-Journal, P&C

Republicans in the House voted late last night to strip independence from the Congressional Ethics Office, a group charged with oversight of ethics rules in the House of Representatives. Members of the House Ethics Committee would investigate their colleagues in the proposal, which still needs approval from the new 115th Congress. Source: NPR

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