Y'all, @Dog_Rates just weighed in on Nazanin Zinouri's pup

"13/10 welcome home"


We've all been following Nazanin Zinouri's journey back from Iran since President Donald Trump's executive order halting immigrants and refugee travel to the U.S. from seven mostly-Muslim nations.

After being stopped during her rushed trip back to the states from visiting her family in Iran, Zinouri, who recently completed her PhD at Clemson, posted on Facebook last week that she was unsure about what would come of her if she wasn't allowed back to the area she's called home for seven years. She was worried about her Greenville research job, her car at the airport, and of course, her little dog Dexter.

You know that feeling.

So yesterday, it was only fitting that some of the first pictures we saw of Zinouri once she arrived back at GSP were of Dexter giving his momma some overdue kisses. (Some intrepid TV newser even mic'd up the little guy.)

And it's even more fitting that weird/random/uhhh/funny Twitter account @dog_rates would assess Dexter's performance as a dog upon his mother's long-awaited homecoming.

The verdict: 💯💯💯

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