No evidence of poison found at West Ashley dog park following animal’s death

Fire chief: ‘We do not take reports of this nature lightly’


Bees Landing Recreation Center in West Ashley - CITY OF CHARLESTON
  • City of Charleston
  • Bees Landing Recreation Center in West Ashley
Emergency crews found no evidence of chemical contamination at the Bees Landing dog park following reports that an animal may have died due to poisoning.

The West Ashley dog park was temporarily closed Monday as HAZMAT crews combed the area for signs of poison. According to a statement released by a city spokesperson, the emergency response came after a dog died shortly after visiting the park. The veterinarian that evaluated the dog suggested the possibility of strychnine poisoning, leading emergency crews to look for evidence of poison at the park.

“We do not take reports of this nature lightly. As soon as it was brought to our attention, we sent our HAZMAT crews out to the park to inspect for any signs of toxic materials that would be unsafe for people or their pets,” said Charleston Fire Department Chief Karen Brack. “Our highly-trained HAZMAT team assessed the park and did not find any indicators of harmful chemicals at the time of their investigation.”

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