A look at Boeing's new North Charleston-made 787-10



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The president is about to take the stage in North Charleston to help Boeing unveil and rollout its first 787-10 aircraft, so let's take a look at the newest Dreamliner to join the family.

Boeing's new 787-10 is the largest model of the company's 787 Dreamliners and it's made exclusively at the Boeing South Carolina's North Charleston manufacturing facility.

The Dreamliner line's key selling point is its efficiency, designed to be 25 percent more fuel efficient than the jets it will replace. It's lighter structure and wider fuselage lets it go farther on less fuel while carrying more passengers.

The first 787-10 jets are set to be delivered in 2018. Currently, the company says it has 149 on order.

Here are the stats:

Length: 224 feet
Range: 6,430 nautical miles
Capacity: 330 passengers
Speed: Mach: 0.85
Cargo volume: 6,200 cubic feet


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