The Agenda: D'Baha's leap; Harrison drops DNC bid; Trump S.C. approval similar to nation

Trump adviser calling individual Twitter critics


Black Lives Matter Charleston organizer Muhiyidin d'Baha - DUSTIN WATERS FILE PHOTO
  • Dustin Waters file photo
  • Black Lives Matter Charleston organizer Muhiyidin d'Baha

The image of Black Lives Matter organizer Myhiyidin d'Baha's flying leap to grab the Confederate flag from a protester Wednesday has made him a hero to many supporters. Our tweet of the video showing d'Baha garnered more than 5,000 retweets and a GIF showing the leap was high on Reddit all day yesterday. D'Baha to the Washington Post: "Not another generation of people are going to be intimidated by this flag." After his release, d'Baha deferred credit for the act, deflecting support to Walter Scott shooting eyewitness Feidin Santana. Source: Washington Post, Twitter

South Carolina Democratic Party leader Jaime Harrison dropped his bid to become DNC chair yesterday, backing Obama Labor Secretary Tom Perez. Perez is said to be favored to win Saturday's election by party bigwigs, but Democratic base turmoil could cause some to break and select Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota. Source: AP, NYT

The cost of parking at North Charleston Coliseum and PAC will double in March from $5 to $10 per event. Source: P&C

Donald Trump may have won South Carolina by double digits in November, but his approval rating is just 44 percent, according to a new Winthrop poll. Some 47 percent of respondents indicate that they disapprove of the president. Source: P&C

A Charleston-based terrorism expert found himself on the receiving end of a phone call from Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to the President Donald Trump, who was responding to criticism on Twitter. Source: P&C

AP headline: Bills targeting transgender bathroom access are floundering"

Contractors working on renovating the Flats at Mixson in North Charleston say that one of the buildings will reopen next month, with four others opening by the end of the year. The other half will be done by 2018. Source: CRBJ


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