The Agenda: Mulvaney pushing entitlement reform; Will gas tax be harder than previously thought?; Local bike projects


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The Greenville News takes a look at whether there's any way to tell if S.C.'s highways are a danger to local drivers. Source: Greenville News

State House lawmakers who worked on the bill committing to a gas tax increase that would fund road repairs don't sound too optimistic that their bill will make it through the Senate and get signed by Gov. Henry McMaster. Source: P&C

McMaster's six-year old English bulldog Boots died Sunday morning after a months-long fight with lymphatic cancer. Source: The State

NYT headline on President Donald Trump's allegations that former President Obama illegally wiretapped Trump Tower: "A Conspiracy Theory’s Journey From Talk Radio to Trump’s Twitter"

With the president's federal budget coming next week, OMB Director Mick Mulvaney is doing the media circuit, discussing potential cuts to foreign aid (Reuters) and reframing the discussion around entitlement reform (Hugh Hewitt with context from WaPo.)

A portion of the long-neglected, but architecturally-interesting building formerly used by Charleston County schools next to Memminger Auditorium collapsed over the weekend. Source: P&C

A number of bike connection projects are currently underway across the Charleston area, according to local bike-ped advocates. Source: P&C


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