Nikki Haley says she "can't imagine" running for president

It would require giving up U.N.'s Midtown penthouse...


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In the conclusion of a two-part interview with NBC's Today, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley tossed aside talk that she would run for president.

Gearing up to check in on whether the former S.C. governor was considering a White House bid, a scruffy Matt Lauer returned a beaming smile and gently mentioned speculation of Haley's presidential aspirations. After she initially dismissed the affable entreaty, he pressed: "Can you imagine running for president one day?"

"I can't," Haley said, nearly cutting off Lauer.

Of course, a run for president would possibly mean an eight-year wait if her boss wins a second term in office without drawing a challenger. Still, Haley seemed more relaxed in her chat with Lauer than she often did when speaking publicly in the Statehouse. But then again, maybe that's just the effect of the Waldorf-Astoria penthouse that serves as the official residence of the U.N. ambassador.


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