For what it's worth, Thomas Ravenel thinks John Tecklenburg is the nation's worst mayor

The opinion of one failed politician


A jolly Ravenel welcomed guests at a dinner party during Season 3 - SCREENSHOT
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  • A jolly Ravenel welcomed guests at a dinner party during Season 3
Charleston's pre-eminent reality television star Thomas Ravenel tweeted Sunday afternoon that he thinks Mayor John Tecklenburg is the worst mayor in the United States of America. The context for Ravenel's hot take on local politics isn't known for sure, but it seems like it was sparked by something that's burned Ravenel personally.

Also, Southern Charm season four debuts Monday. Of course.

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Ravenel, the former state treasurer who was forced to resign from office when he was indicted on federal cocaine charges in 2007, tweeted his humble opinion of his fellow politician a few hours after another angry post on Facebook about a downtown mansion his family appears to own. Ravenel said that "woefully inept leadership at City Hall which starts at the top is disallowing me from maintaining this historic property." The post was accompanied by a picture of 635 East Bay St., the historic Faber House which is owned by a company registered to Arthur Ravenel III, Thomas' brother.

Criticism of Tecklenburg generally shouldn't be surprising, of course. As the city's first new mayor in 40 years, Tecklenburg campaigned on more control over hotel development and addressing quality of life issues downtown that's come along increased national interest in Charleston. Ravenel's criticism seems to be unrelated to those current events, however.

Southern Charm premieres Monday at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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