The Agenda: Biden in Chs. today; McMaster backs permitless carry; CCU cheerleaders falsely portrayed?

S.C. split over significance of corruption inquiry


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Paul Bowers on what public-private Meeting Street Elementary chain does differently to lead to academic success: "One other secret? They suspended more of their students than any other elementary school in Charleston County last school year."

Another good education read from over the weekend from Deanna Pan: "North Charleston's Lambs Elementary embraces a new influx of refugee students"

After Coastal Carolina cheerleading squad was suspended earlier this month over an an alleged money-making scheme by members of the team that included working as escorts and at local adult clubs. An attorney for the female students say the school has falsely portrayed them as prostitutes, asking "Would this ever happen to a male sports team?" Source: Myrtle Beach Online, P&C

P&C columnist Brian Hicks thinks Gov. Henry McMaster's "one-clear" path to re-election is now more complicated as Haley administration appointee and attorney Catherine Templeton has ramped up campaigning. Source: P&C

Former Vice President Joe Biden is in Charleston today for the statue unveiling of former S.C. Senator Fritz Hollings, the two were longtime Senate colleagues. Source: P&C

A duo of public safety regulatory measures moving through the state legislature, which returns this week:
Greenville: "Lawmakers balk at requiring sprinkler systems"
Charleston: "McMaster supports bill that would grant carry of handguns without a permit"

S.C. residents are apparently split on whether a long-term corruption probe show "bad apples" in state government or reflect a "broader culture in the legislature that tolerates corruption." Source: Winthrop Poll, The State


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