Water tips for Hurricane Irma prep

Almost as important as stocking up on wine


  • Flickr user Steven Kelley
Water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink. Water is flying off the shelves at local stores — even Whole Foods, which isn’t our go-to bulk store for storm preparedness — was depleted last night.

Charleston Water System recommends stocking up on a three day supply of water per person, with two gallons of water per person per day, one for drinking and one for sanitary use. Don’t forget about your pets — they’ll need water too.

Charleston Water System also recommends filling up bathtubs with water for bathing and washing dishes before a storm hits. If you have empty jugs — or growlers! — around the house it may not be a bad idea to fill those up with clean water as well.

We continue to see updates of stores in the area running out of water — your best bet is to call ahead before going out and to stay on Twitter and Facebook for updates from fellow buyers.

For more water info follow Charleston Water System and SCE&G online.

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