Sanford Dem challenger Joe Cunningham: "Guys, don't be creepy."

Cunningham's message comes as politicians grapple with allegations


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Joe Cunningham, the Democratic challenger against Congressman Mark Sanford, posted a straightforward video today with a clear message as the spotlight grows on reported sexual misconduct by men in power.

Cunningham, straight to camera: "Guys, don't be creepy. Stop harassing women. Keep your hands to yourself, and keep your zipper up."

The 1st District candidate's 30-second video comes as longtime Democratic Rep. John Conyers announces his resignation from Congress amid sexual harassment allegations and the president and RNC renew support for U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore, who multiple women say made sexual advances to them when they were underage.

Cunningham goes on to say: "To the politicians in both parties and to the men across America: Treat women with respect, call out those who don't, and teach your sons to do the same."


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