The Agenda: Could Campbell's DUI be tossed on technicality?; Obamacare enrollment nears 9 million; Memphis removes Confederate monuments

Hope for Dems in SC-5?


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Paul Campbell (bottom left) serves as CEO of the Charleston County Aviation Authority and as a state senator - FACEBOOK.COM/IFLYCHS
  • Paul Campbell (bottom left) serves as CEO of the Charleston County Aviation Authority and as a state senator

Lawyers hired by state Sen. Paul Campbell, who also serves as Charleston airport CEO, are asking for his DUI charge to be tossed, saying that law enforcement failed to follow protocol. Source: P&C

Citing Doug Jones' upset in Alabama, a Roll Call columnist believes that the 5th Congressional District, represented by freshman Rep. Ralph Norman has upset potential in 2018 as Democrat Archie Parnell, who lost a close contest against Norman in this year's special election, mounts another challenge. Despite momentum from Alabama, the Cook Political Report doesn't consider any 2018 S.C. congressional races as competitive quite yet. Source: Roll Call, Cook

A bipartisan group of lawmakers say they're working to remedy lapses in state ethics laws to root out corruption in the Statehouse that has already caused several politicians including ex-Charleston area Republican Reps. Bobby Harrell and Jim Merrill to resign. Source: The State

Local leaders in Memphis, Tenn. have ordered monuments to Confederate-era figures in that city to be removed. Tennessee has a similar law protecting historical monuments to S.C.'s Heritage Act, causing some outcry from state Republican leaders who call the orders illegal. Source: NYT

Despite cuts to open enrollment periods and advertising for Obamacare enrollment, Trump administration officials asy that nearly 9 million people signed up for federal insurance marketplace plans, a figure only slightly below last year's overall enrollment. Source: NYT

The P&C says that school board dragged their feet for weeks when asked for specific information on board members' evaluations of Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait. In the end, most members' opinions of the superintendent varied, but Board chair Katie Darbie and member Todd Garrett gave Postlewait top marks in nearly all 35 categories. Source: P&C

P&C Editorial Board said school board "owes more openness." Source: P&C



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