Golf carts, Jeeps, snowkites (!?), and more pull Charlestonians through snowstorm 2018

Pull Through



Charleston does what it knows well, even in snow #charleston

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That dude getting pulled on a snowboard behind a golf cart in Mt. Pleasant was definitely the most 'hashtag-Charleston' thing we saw at that point yesterday, and then there was Harve, but we should've known more were coming. Since then, we've seen ATVs doing donuts, two (count 'em, two!) people being pulled behind a Jeep on skis, kiteboards fashioned into 'snow kites,' and many-an-inner tube tied up to a car being pulled through suburbia.

Here are just a few of the glorious ways that Charleston pulled through the snowstorm yesterday.

my neighbors are taking this snow thing next level #chswx #snowday #mtpsc

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I knew I kept that snowboard for a reason @oenomaniacal @barnormandy19

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