Some jokers are selling Charleston snow on Facebook

Like selling sweet tea to Southerners


The market is warming for snow in Charleston at the moment. Or that's what it would seem like if you take a look at Facebook. Over the past 2 days, as a half-foot of snow fell on the Holy City, some people who literally believe they could sell ice to eskimos, have listed variations of "pure Charleston snow" on Facebook Marketplace.

Prices range from $1 to $125 per pound. But we think you could probably wait it out and talk them down.

1. "Pre-Chilled"

Clever, but it looks like it just got run over by a car.


2. "Organic and all natural"

"Endless supply" and "willing to negotiate" usually go hand in hand, I would think.


3. "Some disassembly and reassembly"

If you don't disassemble, you won't have to reassemble, right?


4. "$125 a lb."

This snow looks the best of the bunch, so it's probably worth it.


5. "Untouched"

This is actually an interesting angle. And one of the only ones you could actually save. Assuming the person closes that zipper bag (assuming it's included.)


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