Stormy Daniels catapults S.C. back into late-night TV (not that kind)

City Paper makes a cameo in Colbert's monologue



It wasn't a nightmare, y'all. That story yesterday about Donald Trump's alleged former mistress Stormy Daniels performing at a Greenville strip club this weekend was real-life. News of the "Twitter Storm Sensation's" visit to the Upstate sent a shockwave through pretty much everyone late yesterday, whether you just don't believe the Wall Street Journal or just prefer that whoever Americans choose as president not be the guy who rendezvous with porn stars.

But in keeping up with news from his home state and news about his president, Stephen Colbert did his civic duty last night and gave a plug to The Trophy Club's big event this weekend, citing our news about "The Making America Horny Again Tour" stop in G-Vegas in a piece of his opening monologue posted on Twitter.

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