Work on Spring and Cannon streets postponed until "early spring" because of the cold

*Deep sigh*


  • Photo via Google Maps
  • Spring Street.
City officials accepted a recommendation from a contractor to postpone work on Cannon and Spring streets until the cold weather subsides.

“Based on [South Carolina Department of Transportation] regulations and the recommendations of the contractor, the city will pause work on Spring and Cannon Streets until early spring," said Charleston director of parks Jason Kronsberg in a statement. "The contractor believes this will allow us to fully comply with SCDOT requirements while minimizing further inconvenience for our citizens.”

This isn't the first time that work on the Cannonborough-Elliotborough streets has been postponed since December.

A letter addressed to the city Tuesday by Lexington-based ASOS Specialty Contractors outlines the reasons for the postponement.

"We have attempted to schedule the milling and paving of Spring and Cannon streets several times since this work was added to our contract scope last October. Each time, weather delays or poor existing conditions have resulted cancellation of the work," it says.

"In the interest of limiting disruptions to the public and to finish the project within seven days as proposed, we are requesting that the City agree to postpone this work until the temperatures are more consistently favorable for this type of work. I would suggest waiting until at least March or April."

SCODT weather restrictions require dry conditions and minimum temperatures, according to ASOS. Any work performed in December, January, or February requires the department's approval.

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