Judge drops DUI charge against S.C. Sen. Paul Campbell a day before trial

The 71-year-old senator allegedly switched seats with his wife after drunkenly rear-ending a car


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Sen. Paul Campbell will not go to trial on charges of driving under the influence and lying to authorities after a magistrate dismissed the charges on Wednesday morning, according to Live 5 News.

Campbell, who represents the tri-county region and serves as the CEO of the Charleston Aviation Authority, was arrested on Nov. 4 after rear-ending a car on I-26 near North Charleston. The victim then told an officer that she saw him switch seats with his wife before authorities arrived, a claim Campbell continues to deny.

Magistrate Elbert Duffie said that Campbell was not given an opportunity to obtain potentially exculpatory evidence, according to The Post & Courier.

The 71-year-old blew a blood alcohol level of .09 percent, .01 percent above the state limit, in a county jail after failing a field sobriety test. That's when he asked for a blood test.

A state trooper replied, "This is all we got."

According to state law, officers must provide additional testing when requested.

Campbell's attorney, Andy Savage, had previously requested that the charges be dropped. Magistrate Duffie ruled that Campbell's breath test results could not be used in court last month.

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