Homophobic, anti-abortion secessionist and defeated S.C. senator senses that the time is right to return to politics

Gowdy: "I like jobs where facts matter." Bright: "Now is our time."


Bright as portrayed by cartoonist Steve Stegelin in 2016 - STEVE STEGELIN
  • Steve Stegelin
  • Bright as portrayed by cartoonist Steve Stegelin in 2016
The last we heard much about former Sen. Lee Bright, he was warning us all of the dangers of crossdressing men preying on women in bathrooms, fighting to keep the Confederate flag flying, and losing a Republican primary.

Well today, sensing that he was about -150 years too early, defeated Republican state Sen. Lee Bright says he's now running to replace Congressman Trey Gowdy who told CNN he's leaving Congress because, "I like jobs where facts matter."

"Now is our time," he said in an announcement email today. Bright says he's ready to "fight the socialists" to make sure "yet another 'moderate'" or worse yet a "compromising" politician doesn't earn the right to represent the Upstate's 4th Congressional District.

Republicans currently hold majorities in both houses of Congress.

Back in simpler times in 2015, Lee Bright made a last charge in the Statehouse by trying preserve the Confederate flag outside the capitol, pass an HB2-style bathroom bill, and campaign for Ted Cruz.

All of those efforts failed and Lee Bright was defeated in the 2016 Republican primary by now-Sen. Scott Talley.

Bright joins a chorus of candidates desperate for support from S.C. GOP primary voters who head to the polls in June to cast primary votes in a gov campaign currently discussing the virtues of Antebellum slavery, "shameful" protests against gun violence, and the state-sanctioned waste of S.C. residents' money. Should be great.

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