The Agenda: Charleston homeownership gap small by comparison; Columbia canceling school for Bey Day

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According to a study by the Urban Institute, the average gap between the rate of white and black homeownership is around 30 percent, with some cities seeing as much as 50 percent gap. Charleston has the third smallest gap between white and black homeownership with a gap around 18 percent. Source: NPR

According to UCLA's Williams Institute and Gallup Daily, 2.9 percent of South Carolina identifies as LGBTQ. Regionally-specific data is rare, but a new survey aims to change that. Source: City Paper

Students at six schools in Columbia will get a half day on Aug. 21 in what might be the first Bey Day. Officials hope that the early dismissals will help traffic woes. Source: WIS

Five South Carolina colleges were among the Princeton Review's Best 384 Colleges. University of South Carolina, Clemson, College of Charleston, Furman, Winthrop University, Wofford, Anderson University, and Coker College made the cut. Source: The Herald

A Charleston Police Department applicant has died after the agility test. Jeffery Tant, 35, asked to be taken to the hospital after completing the test which includes bench presses, sit-ups, a 300-meter dash, pushups, and a three-kilometer run. The official cause of death is unknown. Source: AP


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