The Agenda: MUSC finds high levels of pollutants in Charleston Harbor fish, S.C. Education Lottery takes from poor to give to rich

$312 mil. for roads is unspent, which is obvious if you've driven in the state


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From The State's analysis of public records, those who are the most likely to play the lottery (the working-class and minorities), are the least likely to benefit from the scholarships it funds. Source: The State

A study of fish in Charleston waterways by MUSC found high levels of PCBs and other pollutants. The EPA has identified PCBs as possible carcinogens, but fish caught in the harbor can be eaten without restriction according to the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control. Source: P&C

Lindsey Graham said if the Saudis killed Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi there would be "hell to pay", which includes "all-out sanctions against those who engage in this behavior, isolating the regime, treating it with the contempt they show to us." Source: CNN

As of August, the state has spent almost $16 million on roads, sitting on $312 million in gas-tax revenue that was meant for road projects in S.C. Source: The Nerve

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