The Agenda: Charleston has big tech scene, but slow internet; S.C. named one of the worst places to start a family

How a longer shutdown could affect more people


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Despite its tech scene, Charleston's residents have slower internet speeds compared to the rest of the state and country. A little more than nine percent of Charlestonians have access to fiber optic internet speeds, while nearly 18 percent of South Carolinians and more than 27 percent of Americans as a whole have fiber internet options.  Source: P&C

If the government does not reopen by February, it will impact those who receive SNAP benefits. New York Times has rounded up how the shutdown is affecting federal resources, a list that includes national parks closing and longer wait times at airports due to unpaid TSA employees. Source: New York Times

Wallethub has named South Carolina one of the worst places to raise a family, due in part to poverty, lower life expectancy, and crime rate. S.C. ranked 43 out of 50, improving one place over last year's rank of 44. Source: Greenville News, Wallethub

In case you missed it: S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson has joined a federal lawsuit to prevent seismic testing and drilling off of S.C.'s coast. Source: City Paper

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