You can still score tickets to sold out Charleston Wine + Food events

Can't go to an event? Give it to someone who can!


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With just a few hours until Charleston Wine + Food fest kicks off, all but a few events are completely sold out. But don't lose hope if you didn't score tickets to the Culinary Village or Holi City Shakedown, there may still be a way to get a ticket.

This year, the Charleston Wine + Food ticket exchange makes it easy for you to land unused tickets if the original buyer has to part ways.

That also means that if you have a ticket and can't go, but someone on the ticket exchange wants it, you can get a "fair market offer" and get the money the next day. So, don't let those tickets burn a hole in your pocket! Someone wants it!

Right now, Culinary Village tickets are pretty tight (50+ people in line for Saturday, 80+ for Sunday locals tickets). But you might luck out and be one of the first in line for an event like Talk Tiki To Me at The Ordinary at 2 p.m. on Friday or the Southern Renaissance finale on Friday.

Note: Signature dinner tickets are not listed on the ticket exchange.

Here's how it works:
  • Find the sold out event on the ticket exchange
  • Enter your email, then you can see where you'll be in line
  • Enter your payment info. After this point, you can cancel, but if you get to the front of the line and the number of tickets you want become available, you're buying. If not, you won't be charged.
  • Get a confirmation email that will let you monitor your place in line.
Good luck!

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