Every single five-day pollen forecast basically says Charleston is screwed

Yellow Snow


  • Flickr user Alastair Vance
Break out your Zyrtec and cue up directions to your nearest doc-in-a-box.

Charleston's five-day pollen allergy forecast shows the Holy City knocking on hell's door for the better part of next week, according to Pollen.com.

Thursday's levels of pollen sit at 10.8, squarely in the "high" range. Pollen levels will also be high from Friday to Monday, with a slight dip into "medium-high" territory at 9.4 on Saturday.

The lowest pollen levels over the past 30 days were detected on Feb. 20 — just three weeks ago — with an allergy index of 2.2.

Thursday and Friday's top allergens are alder, elm, and juniper.

Pollen and allergy forecasts on Weather.com and Accuweather also pretty much show that Charleston will be blanketed in the yellow stuff for the next few days.


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