The Agenda: FBI poses as drug cartel to bust S.C. cops; California bans state-funded S.C. travel over anti-gay law

Boone Hall Plantation could be protected with conservation easement


  • Sam Spence file photo
FBI agents busted several Orangeburg County law enforcement officers who allegedly believed they were helping a Mexican cartel, but it was really an undercover operation.

Notable quote: "No details were available about how the other five law officers were arrested early Friday morning. However, about 50 FBI agents in tactical gear and using black SUVs were spotted about 8 a.m. Friday at an Orangeburg area Chick-fil-A, eating breakfast apparently after making arrests, a law enforcement source said." Source: The State

California has banned state-funded travel to South Carolina due to policies it sees as discriminatory toward LGBT people. The policy in question allows faith-based foster organizations not to place children in the care of prospective foster parents who happen to be LGBT. Source: AP

Vertical Roots, a hydroponic farm for leafy greens based out of Charleston, is expanding to Columbia. The company repurposes shipping containers to create a soil-less, year-round farm to grow vegetables year round. Source: Columbia Regional Business Report

Lowcountry Land Trust, Charleston County, and the owners of Boone Hall Plantation are in talks of putting the 723 acres of land under a conservation easement, which would prohibit development on the site. Source: P&C

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