The Agenda: Graham "not interested" in hearing from Mueller; Colleton officials say natural causes led to girl's death at school

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  • U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham
Colleton County officials had a press conference to announce what they knew about the death of Raniya Wright, the fifth grader who died after a school fight. According to Solicitor Duffie Stone, a birth defect led to the girl's death. Due to the natural cause of death, no criminal charges will be filed. Source: Live 5 News

In the wake of the released Mueller report, Senator Lindsey Graham says he's not interested in having White House special counsel Robert Mueller appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Source: The State

Among things not answered in the Mueller report: WTF was that "Charleston thing"? Source: P&C Hope you packed an umbrella, Friday's weather is expected to be nasty. Forecasts show the area is under a threat of severe weather, including thunderstorms, heavy rain, and a possible tornado. Source: Live 5

The Washington Post published the resignation letter of a Charleston teacher, Sariah McCall, who quit mid-year. A particularly striking quote from McCall's letter: "I cannot set myself on fire to keep someone else warm." Source: Washington Post

Richard Quinn, a former Republican consultant that figured large in a massive state ethics investigation, was indicted on 11 charges of perjury and one charge of obstruction of justice on Thursday. The charges are related to an investigation into corruption in the Statehouse. Source: The State

The Charleston International Airport board voted to name the terminal after Fritz Hollings, former governor and Senator, who passed away on April 6. Source: P&C

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