The 5 funniest gags from Veep's episode on campaigning in South Carolina

Selina Meyer stops in Charleston for some campaigning ... and a waxing appointment


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Just in time for real-life campaign season, Selina Meyer stopped in Charleston for some voter engagement of her own on Sunday night's episode of Veep.

Titled "South Carolina," the episode follows Selina, a former vice-president and president, as she tries to jostle her way out of a crowded Democratic primary field and back into the White House. Sound familiar?

South Carolina is an early primary state, and its majority black Democratic primary voter base makes it a popular stop for presidential hopefuls. Needless to say, there were plenty of jokes about politicians pandering to black people, rural white voters, and voter suppression in red states.

Like with all things Veep, the show's storylines blended with actual headlines. There are references to foreign interference in Selina's campaign, and excessive use of force against black people, with Selina finding out that an 8-year-old boy in Charleston was shot by police after his "candy bar was mistaken for a gun."

The HBO comedy premiered in 2012 and has netted Julia Louis-Dreyfus six consecutive Emmys for her role as Selina, a narcissistic but effective politician who constantly finds herself on the periphery.

Veep is currently airing its seventh and final season.

Here are some of the key laughs that punctuated Veep's "South Carolina" episode on Sunday:

Selina: Can you make me a waxing appointment in Charleston? I’m feeling patriotic.
Gary: Full bald eagle.

Dan: Ma'am, South Carolina is going to be tough.
Selina: Guys, black people love me! Did you know, Dr. Jordan Thomas, the civil rights leader, he once said to me that I was the blackest white woman he ever met.
Ben: Ma'am, you know that this time you're going to be running against an actual black person?
Selina: She's not even all black.

Dr. Jordan Thomas' son (played by Keegan Michael Key): My father started this youth center for one reason, gotta keep the kids off the streets.
Selina: That's right. Gangs. You know, what you need is more police protection.
Dr. Jordan Thomas's son: Well as you know, the police are doing most of the shootings.
Selina: Yeah, well the police are out of control.

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Dan: Ma'am, the new anti-Kemi mail pieces just came in.
Selina: What the tragic mulatto fuck? Kemi looks like an albino, and I'm so black people are gonna start calling me articulate!

Selina: OK, look guys, if we're not getting the black vote, then we have to take a hard turn to the white. Kent, how are we doing with non-college-educated whites?
Kent: Under water, ma'am.
Selina: Then how about college-educated whites?
Kent: In South Carolina, that is not a significant slice of the pie.


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