The Agenda: Chs tourist buys Lego, gets three pound box of meth; Mt. Pleasant high school attendance lines coming

S.C. ranked 46 out of 51 for best states for cops


This Lego dwarf is looking for his meth - FLICKR USER MCZONK
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  • This Lego dwarf is looking for his meth
While visiting Charleston, Georgia women popped into a consignment store and picked up a box of Lego. Upon returning home and gifting the box to a child, they discovered  it was actually filled with three pounds of methamphetamine, worth about $40,000. Source: P&C

WalletHub has ranked S.C. as 46th out of 51 in their 2019 Best and Worst States to be a Police Officer List. Specifically, S.C. was ranked dead last for median income for law enforcement officers. Source: WalletHub

With Mt. Pleasant getting a new high school, Lucy Beckham High, Charleston County School District is considering new attendance lines to figure out who will go there when the school is open in 2020-2021. Source: WCSC

A finalist for the executive director of the S.C. Commission on Higher Education and a member of the Coastal Carolina board of trustees, Oran Smith, was an editor for the Southern Partisan, a neo-confederate magazine, from 1989 to 1999. Source: The State

Survivors and relatives of the Mother Emanuel shooting have asked a federal appeals court to reinstate their lawsuit against the FBI over the insufficient background check that allowed Dylann Roof to buy a gun. Source: AP

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