With education reform unfinished, the S.C. Senate spent its final day quibbling over a billionaire's tax break

Lawmakers rush through issues on final day, just not education


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Despite unprecedented turnout from 10,000 teachers and advocates just a week earlier on the steps of the Statehouse, South Carolina politicians have put off education reform until at least 2020.

If legislative priorities can be judged by what our leaders pay attention to when they're under the gun, education certainly wasn't top-of-mind on Thursday as senators rushed through issues that they deemed worthy of urgent attention.

Education was not one of those issues.

The key topic of discussion on the last day of session? Whether to potentially waive more than $100 million in tax revenue for the professional sports franchise belonging to the NFL's richest owner.
Ultimately, after jokes were cracked on the Senate floor and amendments debated, the tax break was passed and senators celebrated the end of the legislative session. (Legislators will return to hash out the differences between their two bills, one of a few measures that lawmakers will turn their attention to before the legislature returns in 2020.)
But hey, students, teachers, and parents have waited 20+ years for their elected officials to take action in education reform, what's a few more months of waiting?

At least Gov. McMaster got to congratulate Panthers owner Dave Tepper for bilking all of us for a few million.

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