Alliance for Full Acceptance will host diversity training at Frothy Beard Brewing Co. following co-owners social media posts

Frothy Beard inviting breweries to workshop following co-owner's controversial posts


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Days after a co-owner's social media posts about abortion inspired calls for a boycott, Frothy Beard Brewing Co. will host a diversity and inclusion training led by a local LGBTQ advocacy group.

The workshop, titled "Understanding the LGBTQ+ Community and Building Inclusive Spaces," will be led by the Alliance for Full Acceptance at the West Ashley brewery on Thurs. May 30.

The announcement comes less than a week after Wesley Donehue caused a stir among patrons and local residents with a series of posts on Twitter and Facebook.

Donehue, the head of a political PR firm and a partner at the brewery, decried online activism stemming from the partial and near-total abortion bans that have been enacted throughout the country in recent months.
"We need more women running for office," Donehue wrote. "Until then, men will and should control legislative bodies."

"Ladies, if you're posting these memes this week you should consider doing the harder thing. Run for office," he offered.

He continued in an argument with a Twitter user: "I'm just in no mood for a woman stuck in a library with nothing to do but troll. Go read a book and get out of here with your chemical imbalances."
AFFA Executive Director Chase Glenn says he was approached by Michael Biondi, a co-owner of Frothy Beard, almost immediately after Donehue's posts made the rounds on social media.

"We talked at length and Michael really wanted to use this moment to show the culture they’ve tried to create at Frothy, and that they are serious about wanting to help create welcoming and affirming spaces in breweries across the city," Glenn said in a statement. "With that in mind, Michael began reaching out to other breweries and inviting them to attend the workshop we’ll be leading."

The training will touch on basic terminology, the concepts of heterosexual and cisgender privilege, and the importance of allyship with the LGBTQ community, according to AFFA.

"We are hosting the workshop to increase the knowledge of our team on the different backgrounds many people come from and how we as a group can be an example of a place for all to enjoy," Bondi said.
In an email to the City Paper, Donehue, who first joined the company in 2016, said he was ready to leave.

"I want out after all this," he wrote. "I just have to figure out things financially. I’m already working on it."

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