Watch 10 versions of Darius Rucker singing the "Star Spangled Banner" for your Fourth of July

Rock me momma like a ramparts we watch



It turns out that Darius Rucker has sung the Star Spangled Banner a lot. What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July in Charleston than by watching 30 minutes of Hootie frontman and Grand Ole Opry member Darius Rucker singing the national anthem a capella? Happy Fourth.

1995 World Series Game One -
Braves vs. Indians
Score: 8/10

He's young and damn he's already got it. Should've gone for the "Home of the Braves" though.

2013 NBA Finals Game 5 - 
Heat vs. Spurs
Score: 4/10

Starts off a little weak, seems tired. Not a great effort. Boring NBA Finals anyway.

2014 College of Charleston game
- CofC vs. James Madison University
Score: 7/10

Definitely stronger than his NBA Finals performance. Maybe he was putting on a little for the hometown crowd, but also definitely holding back a little bit. Super Bowl could be coming around the corner, y'know?

2010 Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway
Score: 6/10

Rocking a USC shirt, can't hate on that too much. Looks a little wet, sloppy track. Let's blame a few off notes on the rain, how bout that? Late point for the F-18 flyover.

2014 NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race
Score: 6/10

Definitely feeling this one from the start. Gamecocks fleece again. A bit speedy down the backstretch, but sticks the landing just fine. No flyover.

2014 Charleston Stingrays game
Score: 7/10

Some sketchy intro work here while Sir Darius waits, but our man didn't waste any time once he stepped onto the ice and does the stars and stripes a good honor in ye olde North Charleston Coliseum.

2014 Final Four -
UConn vs. Kentucky
Score: 5/10

A nice assist from the high school choir here, but still not a bad performance for the Dallas crowd. Bonus points for Calipari losing.

2016 Indianapolis 500
Score: 8/10

Bit of a surprise here, a nice slowed down performance that turned out pretty good. Bonus points for a cameo by Sacha Baron Cohen's character from Talladega Nights.

2017 Saints-Dolphins game in London

Score: 7/10

The Star Spangled Banner being sung at an American football game in jolly old England. Got 'em. A good version here. Did the anthem proud despite the London fog. But a dash for the French jacket, should've just brought an LL Bean. Nice misdirection wit the Lacoste though.

2016 Monday after Masters event
Score: 6/10

A fine effort here. Included because Darius hosts this event and essentially hired himself to sing the anthem. Can't argue there. Bonus points for Jim Cantore.

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