The Agenda: Some CBD vapes found to contain synthetic marijuana, Mt. Pleasant mayor wants to bury power lines

More than 440 pairs of bald eagles in S.C.


  • Photo by Dina Lydia on Unsplash
According to Mt. Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie, due to the recent tree trimings and power outages from Dorian, is hoping to press power companies to bury their power lines. Source: Live 5

In May 2018, a Citadel cadet ended up in a coma after taking two hits of what he thought was CBD and was actually a synthetic marijuana. Some unethical makers and distributors of CBD are adding strains of synthetic marijuana known for making people sick, including in Lexington, S.C. Source: AP News

Galivants Ferry Stump, considered the oldest and largest political "stump speaking" event in the U.S., attracted presidential nominees including four Democrats — Sens. Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar, and Mayors Pete Buttigieg and Bill de Blasio — and one Republican, Mark Sanford, who did not speak. Source: The State

As the Endangered Species Act comes under fire, the Lowcountry's bald eagles serve as an example of the law's success. When S.C. Department of Natural Resources started trying to save the endangered species, there were only 13 pairs. Today there are more than 440 pairs and the bald eagle is no longer considered endangered. Source: P&C

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