Before You Go: Coronavirus cases up as testing increases; I miss taking selfies in restaurant bathrooms; Some Friday fun

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Coronavirus updates: On Friday, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control announced 245 new cases of the novel coronavirus as officials ramp up testing statewide and three additional deaths, bringing the statewide total cases to 9,636 and death toll to 419.

Testing, testing: "As South Carolina increases testing, there will likely be more laboratory-confirmed cases," DHEC's info page reads. Officials say they are looking at the percentage of those testing positive, a figure that DHEC shows as trending down in recent weeks. Source: DHEC, P&C

Unemployment. More than 500,000 in South Carolina are out of a job since the coronavirus pandemic began. However, the challenge will be finding new jobs for people who lost theirs. Source: AP

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The hits from the City Paper:

- Pandemic prompts Crosstown pizza joint to rebrand as Saber's Deli
- Gaillard Center puts local artists on stage and online with Lowcountry Listens series
- Gracie & Lacy hosting virtual Memorial Day concert on Saturday

Friday fun stuff

We're dancing into the weekend... are our plans.

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Hey, your day could be worse, right?

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