My First Blog -- Better Late Than Never


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Like John McCain, I was well along in years when computers and the internet changed the world and, like the Arizona maverick, I will never catch up to the latest technologies and practices. But unlike McCain, I am at least trying to figure out what's going on. There are a lot of handy gadgets and applications out there and I am making an effort to learn a few of them. What I'm saying is that this is my first blog posting, so please bear with me.

Blogging offers several advantages: It will allow me to make quick and brief comments on the day's events or whatever crosses my cluttered mind in the course of my hectic day -- the kind of things that seem worth saying, but not worth writing an 800-word column. But there are busy weeks when I say I could write three or four columns, if I only had the space. Well, now I have no excuse. And finally, blogging will allow me to push the envelop and see just how much I can get away with, because I'm betting my editors go weeks, or even months, without looking in on these blogs. We'll find out soon enough.

So wish me luck. Let's see how far we can go with this adventure before the suits rein us in. I promise to keep writing as long as you keep reading and commenting.


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