Where's the Diversity? SC GOP Looks Like Whites Only Club



For years — decades, actually — the South Carolina Republican Party has been trying to shed its image as a white, racist organization. But it is as white and racist today as it was when it began its modern ascendancy in the 1960s, as a reaction to federal civil rights and voting rights legislation. Today, racism is deep in the GOP DNA, as Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst on the floor of the House of Representatives a few weeks ago makes so clear. The impulse was instinctive, congenital, uncontrollable — despite the best efforts or spin doctors and PR gurus to cast the GOP in the colors of the rainbow.

Here is how Will Folkes of Fits News saw the recent GOP gubernatorial debate in Newberry — and keep in mind that this is a Republican writing. See an excerpt below:

This week’s “First in the State” GOP gubernatorial debate featured an Indian-American candidate and an African-American moderator … but that’s where the diversity ended and a sea of white faces began.

In an audience of roughly 400 Republicans at the Newberry Opera House on Tuesday night, there were only two African-Americans present — one being GOP National Committeeman Glenn McCall. No Hispanics or other members of other non-Caucasian minority groups attended the debate.

According to one of our on-site analysts, the crowd was comprised almost exclusively of “old white people and young white political dorks.”

“It was all senior citizens and campaign staffers,” the analyst said.

Interesting. And obviously quite a study in contrasts from the image the SCGOP is attempting to cultivate for itself.

Get the whole Fits News scoop on GOP diversity at www.fitsnews.com/2009/09/24/scgop-wheres-the-diversity/

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