Activists Debate "Christian Nation"


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The Pastafarians of the University of South Carolina — the group
that brought us Richard Dawkins at USC last week — is now
sponsoring a debate between Herb Silverman of the Secular
Coalition of America and Chaplain E. Ray Moore of the Exodus
Mandate Project. The subject: Is America a Christian nation?

Details below:

The Pastafarian secular student organization at the University of South Carolina will host a debate on the question “Is America a Christian Nation” October 29th, an event designed to question the fundamental foundations of American government.

Andrew Cederdahl, the group’s founder and president, will moderate the debate between E. Ray Moore and Herb Silverman, two activists with very different perspectives concerning Christianity and its intersection with policy.

Chaplain E. Ray Moore is the executive director of the Exodus Mandate Project, "a Christian ministry to encourage and assist Christian families to leave Pharaoh's school system (ie government schools) for the Promised land of Christian schools or homeschooling," according the the organization's website. Moore has served thirty years in ministry, working as a Bible instructor, Army Reserve Chaplain, and campaign consultant for some 12 political campaigns, including work with Vice-President Dan Quayle's Senate race in 1980 and Pat Robertson's Presidential campaign from 1986-1988. He is considered an authority on involving Christians in politics and government.

Moore's opponent, Dr. Herb Silverman, is the president of the Secular Coalition for America, a national lobbying organization consisting of several of the largest groups advocating for nonreligious Americans and the separation between church and state. Silverman earned his PhD in mathematics from Syracuse University and is Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at the College of Charleston. Silverman is responsible for the lawsuit which overturned the religious test for the governorship for South Carolina in 1990, making atheists legally eligible for public office in the state. Herb has appeared in a number of debates, including one at the Oxford Union in Oxford, and is an “On Faith” panelist for the Washington Post online.

The debate will be sure to evoke heated discussion on the role of faith in politics, government and public life. It will occur at 7:00 PM in the Belk Auditorium of the Close-Hipp (Darla Moore School of Business) building.

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Melanie Griffin, Pastafarians PR Director,
Patrick Morency, Pastafarians PR,
Andrew Cederdahl, Pastafarians president,


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