Two Republicans Support Graham on Climate Change Stance



Senator Lindsay Graham has taken a great deal of abuse from his fellow GOPers for trying to work with Democrats on a plan to control greenhouse gas emissions and turn back global climate change. Two local Republicans wrote a column supporting the senator in the November 20, 2009, Post and Courier. David Jenkins is the vice president for Government and Political Affairs at Republicans for Environmental Protection. Chester Sansbury is Republicans for Environmental Protection's South Carolina coordinator.
Whoever heard of these organizations? Not that I doubt their existence, but they have been so overshadowed and ignored by the GOP mainstream and the right wing media that they might as well no exist. But their effort is appreciated. To read Jenkins' and Sansbury's entire column, go to

Sen. Lindsey Graham has been taking some heat since he stepped forward to seek a bipartisan compromise on critical climate change and energy security issues facing our country.

There have been expensive and misleading ad campaigns attacking Sen. Graham, such as that launched by the American Energy Alliance — a shadowy, oil industry-financed group.

Attacks from vested interests trying to protect the status quo are predictable and their motivations easily understood. Harder to understand is the flak that Graham is getting from a vocal faction of Republicans who have been led to believe that he has committed apostasy by setting aside partisanship in order to solve climate and energy problems that threaten America's future.

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