Too Stupid to Be Governor — Henry McMaster Shows You Why



As Attorney General of South Carolina, Henry McMaster
has wasted this state's money and prestige going to federal
court to defend indefensible laws and practices that were
intended to enshrine Christianity as some kind of official
religion. He defended the Town of Great Falls in the wiccan
lawsuit, in which the town council insisted on praying "in
Jesus' name," after a non-Christian woman complained and
filed suit. More recently he defended the "I Beleive" state
license plate, featuring a cross imposed on a stained glass
window. He was slapped down in that case by a scornful federal
judge only two weeks ago.

In both the wiccan case and the "I Believe" case the law was so
well established that no intelligent and informed person could
doubt what the outcome would be. But in both cases our attorney
general and the man who would be governor rushed in where
angels and wise men fear to tread. He did it in a shameless act
of pandering and demagoguery and he will do it again, if he gets
the chance, as he made clear in this Youtube video.

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