GOP Candidates Make Fools of Themselves in Upstate Debate



The four Republican candidates for Governor debated in Bob Jones Country Thursday night, making fools of themselves trying to see who could crowd closest to the right edge of the stage without falling off. And all this talk of states' rights! Jeezus! Do these idiots know that the only thing keeping this woebegotten little patch of Creation from being a Third World country comparable to Bolivia or Paraguay is our connection to the United States government and economy. It looks like we are headed for another four to eight years of Mark Sanford-by-another-name. And the white people of South Carolina will be to blame. Read the all the shabby details here:

"When the candidates were asked what they would do to support state sovereignty, McMaster returned to a theme he's been concentrating on recently, promising repeatedly to stand up to "radicals" in Washington.

The attorney general said he already is fighting for states' rights through his lawsuit against the insurance mandate in President Barack Obama's health care reform law, and would continue to oppose power grabs from Washington that he said violate the 10th Amendment.

Don't tread on me," McMaster said. "We will fight."

Barrett drew applause when he complimented Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on that state's tough new law against illegal immigration, a response to what some call inaction in Washington.

"She's trying to take back her state, ladies and gentleman," Barrett said.

Barrett also said he is working with South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint on legislation that would let states keep their gas tax money and use it to build roads without having to send it to Washington first.

Bauer called for a constitutional convention as a way for states to limit federal power.

Haley said she would form a coalition with other governors and call press conferences to champion states' rights against federal intrusions.

That way, she said, voters would start looking to governors "for good, strong, conservative policies."

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