Gail Collins Wades In on South Carolina Politics



Here is Gail Collins of The New York Times telling it like it is about South Carolina politics — again. She seems to have taken a page from Jon Stuart's book and made a career of bashing S.C. Why not? It's easy work. I do it myself.

Read Collins' entire column here:

Yet everything else pales next to South Carolina, where State Representative Nikki Haley and Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer are fighting over who is the true Tea Party candidate. Recently, two political consultants came forward and claimed that they had had sexual encounters with Haley, whose campaign puts quite a bit of stress on God and her happy marriage. Haley says she smells a Bauer plot.

Indeed, one of the consultants, Larry Marchant Jr., was working for Bauer until this week when he announced that he and Haley had hooked up during a school choice conference in Utah in 2008.

Marchant spun his saga of vouchers and lust. (“We’d gone to dinner. I had some drinks. Things happened.”) Much harder to believe was the part where he kept the story secret until the last week of the gubernatorial primary when he suddenly felt compelled to confess to his pregnant wife, his employer and the world.

I am a very credulous person. There was a minute there when I believed that John Edwards’s married gofer was the father of the lusty videographer’s love child. But this one is a reach.

One of Bauer’s other supporters, State Senator Jake Knotts, managed to unite the state in a moment of mass revulsion when he went on the radio to say he opposed Haley, who is Indian-American, because “we already got one raghead in the White House. We don’t need another in the governor’s mansion.”

Knotts seemed to feel as if it was unfair for anyone to quote him since he made his remarks on “a freewheeling, anything-goes Internet radio show that is broadcast from a pub. It’s like local political version of ‘Saturday Night Live.’ ” He is possibly the only person in America who is unaware that 1) “Saturday Night Live” has a script, and 2) it is never a good plan to appear on a talk show that takes place inside a saloon.

When Bauer was last heard from, he was demanding that Haley take a lie detector test about her sex life, while Haley was vowing that if elected, she would resign from office if it was ever proved that she had had extracurricular sex. This seems like a terrible idea. South Carolina has big economic problems, and you do not want the next governor fending off adultery challenges 24-7. Been there. Done that.

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